Top 5 Reasons to Stay in a Pet-Friendly Coliving

2nd February, 2024

Since opening its doors in August 2020, Cactus Coliving has not only been a hub for hundreds of digital nomads and travellers, but also their pets! With a pet-friendly policy and 10+ (and counting), previous furry visitors hailing from Sweden, Poland, Italy, Ukraine, the USA, Germany, and more, Cactus and its residents are well aware of the benefits of staying in a pet-friendly space.

Puppy sunset yoga
Sunset Yoga at Roque de Jama.

The decision to make Cactus Coliving a pet-friendly space was a personal one, informed by Maria, Cactus’ founder, and her desire to travel with her pup, Bartolo. In her own travels and as a digital nomad, she was affected by the limitation of not being able to bring her dog along and thus, made sure that Cactus would not have this problem! One of the most important aspects of successful coliving is creating a place that is comfortable and safe. Allowing guests to bring their pets for their own comfort (plus the added attention from other guests) has been a formative part of the “home” feel Cactus fosters. 

Whether you are a pet-owning digital nomad or not, here are the top 5 reasons to stay in a pet-friendly coliving:

1. Prime Socialising

Pet-friendly colivings offer amazing social and playtime – for you and your pet! With plenty of new, friendly faces, there’s no doubt that your pup will receive plenty of cuddles. Plus, humans experience many health benefits by being co-regulated by happy animals, so there’s a mutually beneficial relationship here. Having pets around also opens up the space for communication and socialising amongst colivers, because what brings people together more than cute animals and hearing their stories?

Pet-friendly yoga
Morning Yoga at Cactus Coliving rooftop.

2. Beautiful New Landscapes to Explore

With so many different microclimates around the Canary Islands, there are many stunning landscapes to explore with a pet. From dry, cactus-filled deserts to wavy beaches, to green jungles, you are sure to stumble upon your climate of choice. This is a great opportunity to introduce your pet to new adventures, and if you are feeling a day off from the exploration, plenty of active colivers are usually happy to babysit your furry friend. Our blog '10 Best Things to do in Tenerife' explores all the amazing places you should visit, as suggested by people who lived at Cactus Coliving in Tenerife.

Pet-friendly coliving
'June' - a cat from a coliver in our garden.

3. Added Comfort for on-the-go Nomads

The digital nomad lifestyle is a unique one that many more people are jumping into every day, offering flexibility in the ability to travel and work. However, with such a way of living, many digital nomads must sacrifice some of their home comforts, like having all of their things and being able to have a pet. Staying in a pet-friendly coliving can be just the comfort some long-term travellers need, being able to connect with animals and perhaps getting inspired by other colivers who have found ways to live the digital nomad life, even with pets!

If you are a coliver travelling with your pet, staying at a coliving can be a perfect middle ground in being able to travel, while also providing a consistent place for your pup to settle in. Beyond the beautiful landscapes mentioned, there are plenty of places at Cactus Coliving for your pet to enjoy, like the grass-filled garden, the spacious rooftop, and of course, cuddling with any fellow colivers.

dog friendly environment
'Mojo' - a dog from a coliver.

4. Regulates the Nervous System

People who love animals and have taken care of pets know the calming impact animals can have on the nervous system. The “cuddle chemical” known as oxytocin is released when playing with animals, which has the effect of increased feelings of relaxation and trust. For digital nomads who may be moving often and can miss the feeling of safety and security, these creatures can help to stabilise difficult emotions.

Not only is there a benefit of added relaxation, but this energy can also improve productivity levels by promoting focus by calming the nervous system. This stabilisation can promote focus and concentration, providing safety and security to the body so that the mind can work on a task. So there are definitely some focusing benefits from having pets in the workspace, that is, if you are able to not be distracted by the sheer cuteness alone!

cat friendly environment
A cat from a coliver staying at Cactus Coliving in Tenerife.

5. Promotes Healthy Lifestyles

Dogs help us stay active! Not only does their presence help to regulate the nervous system through the happy chemical oxytocin, but they also remind us to take care of ourselves through daily routines that help us to feel connected to ourselves and the world around us. Here at Cactus Coliving, walkers of dogs have their fair share of routes to venture down, from challenging hikes to simple walks throughout the town. With Tenerife’s microclimates, you can grow and explore with your pup, all while supporting your own health!

Cactus has reimagined coliving as a place where you don’t have to choose between your wanderlust and your love for your pet. We’re here to be a home away from home for you and your furry friend to explore unique experiences together, all while meeting new people all along the way. Cactus is a place where socialising and intermingling are encouraged; a place where pets, their owners, and new friends can all not only co-exist but thrive and grow. At Cactus, everyone belongs, no matter how many legs you have!

María Mayordomo
Founder of Cactus Coliving. In love with nature of the Canary Islands.

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