Coliving is Not the New Hostel

21st April, 2022

For many, the concept of coliving sounds like sharing an apartment with your flatmates or squeezing into a crowded hostel room with other travelers. In many destinations coliving may be a sustainable and efficient solution to skyrocketing rent and avoiding the usual hassles of paperwork, deposits, etc. However more people are choosing coliving to combine their passion for travel and adventure with a sense of community. Coliving communities enable remote employers to embark on new adventures in any part of the world while staying connected with local communities and international friends with similar lifestyles.

Digital nomads, entrepreneurs and location independent freelancers have the flexibility to change between private or shared spaces and change the scenery without contractual obligations. Coliving accommodations also provide a safer and close-unit space for those who want a relaxing and fun environment without the rowdy hostel party crowd. Here are a few common amenities and benefits that come with coliving.

Boat trip to watch whales

While every coliving has its own unique culture and accommodations, there are few baseline amenities such as fully equipped kitchen, high speed internet, coworking/meeting spaces, as well as networking and social events and yoga plus other group activities. Cactus Coliving also offers professional cleaning, outdoor BBQ patio and weekly workshops.

Sunset Yoga

So what are the benefits of coliving?

In addition to cost saving benefits and work/travel flexibility, colivings are no longer the last resort but a preferred option for many. Here are a few benefits of coliving with the Cactus community:

  • Out of the touristic zones

At Cactus, colivers are free to enjoy the rural area of Valle de San Lorenzo with easy access to bio and eco fruits, veggies and eggs. We are also a short distance from the mountains and located in the center of the local village where you can immerse in Canarian culture and practice  your Spanish.

Roque del Valle San Lorenzo
  • Build genuine connections and long term friendships

The connections and friendships are the heart of coliving; meeting people from all over the world coming from different backgrounds, cultures, jobs, experiences, etc and building friendships or/and business partners that will last outside here. No wonder many Cacti come back and plan new adventures with fellow co-livers around the world!

  • Minimize solo travel isolation and fatigue

You will never feel lonely or bored at a coliving. Each day there are many activities curated by the Cactus team to get people together and explore Tenerife. We also collaborate with different digitals nomads communities and colivings to plan get-togethers.

Community Brunch
  • Connect with local communities

Cactus Coliving is very conscious about helping local people and the environment. We are always trying to leave a positive impact by supporting our neighbors, local markets, and community events such as Uno Para La Palma (

  • Sustainable living

Most of the furniture in Cactus has been reused and repaired. We are mindful when shopping for new furniture as we prefer quality over quantity. Using long-lasting, durable and solid furniture into our spaces benefits us with minimal maintenance. This quality and consistency ensures less replacements and less waste. In order to incentivize the colivers to reduce their plastic consumption and help our locals, we take them to the farmers market once per week.

Clean-up with Rotaract association
  • Exchange ideas, knowledge and skills with other colivers

Our diverse coliver community comes from all backgrounds and professions. We try to learn what skills or activities our guests are interested in sharing or teaching. Our goal is to connect people based on interests and skills while also offering support to people who may need a hand on specific topics.

Wine Tasting
  • Language and culture exchange

Every week we incentivize colivers to cook a speciality dish for our family dinners with the help of our volunteers. We often have 6+ different languages spoken within the house so if you’re interested in practicing foreign language or picking up some words. Whether it’s language, cultural stories or family traditions, we love seeing colivers engage and learn from each other.

Here at Cactus Coliving, we practice sustainable living and provide authentic local experiences in Tenerife whether you’re staying 1 week or several months. Join our free daily yoga sessions or variety of weekly activities from making local Canarian recipes to sunset mountain hikes. There’s never a dull day at Cactus!

Pizza Night

María Mayordomo
Founder of Cactus Coliving. In love with nature of the Canary Islands.

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