Sustainable Living Examples: Inspiration and Guidance

10th May, 2024

More people choose to live together in shared spaces, which helps bring people closer and take care of the environment. This way of living is called coliving. Coliving can make the Canary Islands greener and more eco-friendly by encouraging using resources wisely and building homes with materials that are good for the environment. Also, these communities often work together to clean up beaches, plant trees, and learn about protecting nature. They develop new ideas to live more sustainably, like using solar power or growing their own food. Overall, coliving is making the Canary Islands a better place to live by helping people connect and care for their surroundings.

beach clean up
Beach Clean Up

Giving Furniture a Second Life

Colivings in the Canary Islands prioritise sustainability by reusing furniture rather than buying new. For example, at Cactus La Gomera, 40% of the furniture comes from a nearby hotel refurbishment project. This practice reduces waste and adds character, showing the spirit of community and resourcefulness.

second hand furniture
Second-hand furniture

Using Less Energy

Living together in coliving spaces promotes sharing resources like electricity and water among residents, significantly reducing overall energy consumption. Additionally, coliving communities often prioritise using energy-saving appliances and eco-friendly materials in their construction and operations. For instance, energy-efficient lighting, smart thermostats, and insulated windows are commonly found in coliving spaces, lowering energy usage and carbon emissions. By embracing these sustainable practices, coliving not only fosters a culture of environmental responsibility but also contributes to preserving our planet's resources for future generations.

solar panels
Solar panels

Sharing Resources

Coliving places are designed to be efficient with resources. By sharing common areas like kitchens and living rooms, people need fewer things, which is good for the environment. These spaces often have energy-saving appliances and water-saving features, helping to save money and reduce pollution. Living together encourages everyone to be mindful of the environment by recycling and using less plastic. In short, coliving makes it easier for people to live sustainably and protect the Canary Islands.

sharing resources
Sharing resources

Using Clean Energy

The Canary Islands use lots of sunlight and wind to power coliving spaces with solar panels and wind turbines. This reduces their need for traditional energy, which is good for the environment. They also use aerothermal technology, which heats water using air energy. The nice weather helps make coliving more sustainable.

Using clean energy

Growing Our Own Food

In many coliving places, people can grow their own food, reducing the need to bring in food from far away. It's a cool way for people to take care of themselves and the environment at the same time. Furthermore, coliving spaces actively support local farmers by promoting and purchasing fruits and vegetables from nearby farmer markets. This not only fosters community connections but also reduces the environmental impact of transportation and supports the local economy.

food from farmers market
Local food

Learning and Sharing

Coliving isn't just about sharing space; it's also about sharing knowledge. People can exchange ideas on how to care for the environment, raising awareness about the importance of protecting our planet. This way, everyone learns and becomes more committed to positively impacting the environment.

Sustainable living workshop
Sustainable Living Workshop

Living together in coliving spaces is a simple and friendly way to help keep the Canary Islands green. We can make a big difference by sharing resources like electricity and water and using them wisely. Plus, using clean energy sources such as solar power helps reduce pollution and protect our beautiful environment. Growing our own food ensures we have fresh, healthy meals and reduces the carbon footprint associated with food transportation. Moreover, when we live together, we can learn from one another and discover new ways to be environmentally conscious, such as our latest initiative to repurpose milk cartons within our coliving community.

Together, we can make the Canary Islands an even more beautiful and sustainable place for everyone. By embracing the principles of coliving and supporting sustainable living practices, we can create a brighter future for generations to come.

María Mayordomo
Founder of Cactus Coliving. In love with the nature of the Canary Islands.

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