A Week in the Life as a Cactus Coliver

6th March, 2024

At Cactus Coliving, we're here to help you find the right mix of work and fun. Many people who work remotely choose our lifestyle because it lets them work from anywhere and meet new people while traveling. We set you up with everything you need for work, like good internet and private spaces for calls. After work, there are lots of activities to help you connect with others. And if you're curious about Cactus La Gomera, rest assured: our operations there are just as amazing, though with a unique touch.

Rooftop Yoga at Cactus Coliving

While there are always fun things happening, there are some regular traditions at Cactus. A week in the life as a cactus coliver includes daily yoga sessions, providing colivers with the opportunity to relax and stay healthy amidst their busy schedules. Here's what a typical week looks like:

Monday: Family Dinner

Every Monday, we have family dinner, which everyone in our coliving community loves! Food is a great way for us to connect, and sharing meals together is a tradition we've had for a long time at Cactus. Each week, one of us volunteers to organise the dinner. They suggest what food we'll have and make sure everything is ready. Usually, we pick dishes from our home countries to share with everyone. This helps us learn about different cultures and have interesting conversations.

In the past, we've enjoyed meals from Italy, Lithuania, Czechia, the USA, Spain, Malta, and more! We split into two teams: one for cooking and one for cleaning. This way, everyone helps out. Cooking together is one of the best parts of living together. After we eat (and usually have dessert!), we talk about what activities we want to do in the coming week. It's the perfect time to make plans!

Family Dinner at Cactus Coliving

Tuesday: Calisthenic Park Workout & Ice Bath

Every Tuesday, we meet for our favourite tradition: exercising at the park near Cactus Coliving. This activity helps us stay healthy and become closer as a group. Exercising together in the peaceful park helps us get stronger and feel more connected to each other. It's a time for us to challenge ourselves, help each other, and enjoy the advantages of working out outside. 

After our workout, we sometimes treat ourselves to ice baths. These baths involve sitting in cold water, which helps reduce muscle soreness and inflammation. It's a refreshing way to end our exercise session and promote recovery.

To stay environmentally conscious, we use milk cartons filled with water to make the ice for our baths. Once the ice is used, we let the water return to normal temperature for a couple of days. Then, we use this water to nourish our garden, minimising waste and maximising sustainability in our community.

Calisthenic Park Session

Wednesday: Beach Volleyball or Game Night

As we reach the middle of the work week, it's time to relax and have fun. On Wednesdays, we either play games like board or card games at home, or we head to Los Cristianos beach for some volleyball. Everyone can join in, even if they're not good at volleyball. We always have a good time playing together as the sun sets, and we take breaks to cool off in the water. Sometimes, we end the night with pizza and pasta from our favourite Italian restaurants in town. If we feel like taking it easy, we stay in and play games on the comfy couches.

Volleyball at Los Cristianos Beach

Thursday: Skillshare Session

One of the coolest aspects of living among a diverse group of digital nomads is discovering everyone's work, interests, and passions. In today's fast-paced technological landscape, information abounds, but opportunities for deep dives, discussions, and collective exploration can be limited. That's why we dedicate time each week to host a skillshare session where colivers can share their expertise and interests with the community. 

Our skillshare sessions have covered a wide range of topics, with various individuals enthusiastically sharing their passions. From thought-provoking discussions on climate change to creative activities like making vision boards during the New Moon, and marketing workshops, each session offers a unique opportunity for learning and connection within our community. 


Friday: Pancakes

On Fridays, we have pancakes for breakfast! It's a fun way to celebrate the end of the workweek and reward ourselves for making it through. These pancakes give us the energy we need for all the weekend adventures ahead!

Saturday: Adventures

Weekend adventures on Saturdays are always filled with excitement and opportunities to have a great time! While the specific activities may vary based on the preferences of the group, one thing remains constant – plenty of chances to enjoy ourselves. Nature enthusiasts can explore hikes and scenic walks in the diverse microclimates of the area, while those seeking more active pursuits can indulge in surfing, biking, or swimming around the island. 

For those looking for a lively atmosphere, there are various events featuring different music genres and engaging activities to choose from. With such a wide range of options, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Planning our weekend escapades together is one of the highlights of being part of the Cactus community, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences among us.

Natural Pool in Tenerife

Sunday: Croissants

Every Sunday morning, we have a tradition of enjoying warm croissants together to ease into the day. Alongside our usual weekly activities, we offer five yoga classes each week. These classes happen either in the morning for those who like to start their day early, or in the evening for those who prefer to wind down after work. We also have impromptu movie nights and outings to local restaurants as part of our day-to-day routine, giving everyone the chance to relax at home or explore nearby dining options.

María Mayordomo
Founder of Cactus Coliving. In love with nature of the Canary Islands.

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