11 top reasons why Tenerife is the best hotspot for digital nomads

15th May 2023

When you think of working and living in paradise, Tenerife is the ideal home away from home for digital nomads. Tenerife is the largest island of the Canary Islands, an archipelago of Spain located to the West of Morocco. The island boasts of tropical forests in the north and desert like terrains in the south.

You have the option of staying in English-speaking areas or venture out to local villages to practice your Spanish. The cost of living and taxes are lower compared to other Spanish islands such as Ibiza or Mallorca. No wonder more digital nomads are flocking to Tenerife all year round. We have created a list of 11 top reasons why Tenerife is the best hotspot for digital nomads suggested by Cactus colivers.

Hiking with Cactus Community
Hiking with Cactus Community

#11 Beach weather all seasons 15º-25ºC

Tenerife is known for the amazing spring/summer weather all year round. You can also choose the type of scenery you want for the day. If you like to catch a wave after work, enjoy the warm weather and sunset in Tenerife south. If you like to take a day to explore old historic towns or botanical gardens, cruise over to the north for a more tropical climate just 1 hour away. Any day is beach weather but you may still need a wetsuit for water sports.

Roque del Conde and Anaga hikes
Roque del Conde and Anaga hikes

#10 Good connections and cheap flights

What’s better than Spanish culture and cuisine in a subtropical island climate? Travelling to Tenerife is just 4-5 hours away by plane from most European cities. You can usually find roundtrip tickets €38 from France, €50 from Germany and €40 from London on Skyscanner. There are also 2 airports conveniently located in the north/east and one in the south. For long-term digital nomads, the opportunity to visit other islands such as Gran Canaria, Lanzarote or La Gomera on the weekends is just a short ferry away with daily routes, either with Fred Olsen or Armas.

location of tenerife
Location of Tenerife

#9 Great Spanish and local Canarian cuisines as well as healthy foods

When you are craving something besides traditional Canarian food, you can find almost every type of cuisine ranging from Spanish, Vegan, Asian, African, European, Latin to fusion gastronomy. If you are a carnivore, the local 'Guachinches' restaurants are a must. Traditional Canarian food is a blend of the heritage of the Guanches (indigenous people of Tenerife) and Latin influences from 20th century Canarians who migrated between Canary Islands and South America. Some of our favourite 'Guachinches' in the south of Tenerife are:

- La Fuente

- El Cordero

- El Rancho de Nino

- Bodegon Tio Julio

- El Chamo

You can also experience locally grown produce and volcanic soil wines with your meals. Another unique local dish is Gofio, a type of flour made from toasted grains such as wheat, millet, millo or multigrain. Canarians enjoy Gofio as breakfast with milk or as dessert in a mousse. One of the most ancient and traditional recipes is Escaldón de gofio made by mixing meat or fish stock with gofio and adding shredded meats and choose as desired.

traditional canarian food
Goat cheese with mojo

#8 Festivals and parties

After a busy workday or week, Tenerife transforms into the epicentre of entertainment and nightlife. There’s several day clubs in the south as well to kick back in a beach chair and enjoy your pina colada overlooking La Gomera island. You can check out Papagayo Beach Club (Las Americas) for the ‘Black Label’ on Thursdays, ‘La Loka’ on Fridays for more latin music and Saturdays for ‘Electro nights’. On Sundays, islanders goes to El Monkey, a beach club that has a beach party every Sunday.

During Easter and summer in Siam park (Best Waterpark in the World), there are special events such as “Summer Jam”, “I love Music”, “Farra World” and “Ritmos del Mundo”. In the Golf Course, Greenworld also organises incredible multi-stage festivals with some of the best DJ’s and music artists in the world.

festival in siam park
“I Love Music” festival in Siam Park

#7 Outdoor activities from ocean, beach, mountain to air

Whether you prefer watersports, mountain excursions, or daredevil sports like powered hang-gliding, Tenerife’s got every adventure you can imagine. From the beach, you can find rentals for surfing, kite-surfing, wind-surfing, kayaking, as well as book whales and dolphin watching or diving trips. From the mountains, you can ride a bike or ATV to Teide National Park. Did you know there are over 100+ hiking, running and cycling trails in Tenerife? There are also many destinations for rock climbing or trail running. On a nice sunny day, you can spot a few hang-gliders or paragliders making their way to the beach from the mountains.

Surfing in Playa de Las Americas
Surfing in Playa de Las Americas

#6 Beachfront workspaces

When you need a break from working from your room or coworking office, you can easily find a beachfront cafe or cabana with high-speed internet. Options range from budget friendly juice bars to luxury cabanas with concierge service. Some of Cactus's digital nomad favourites are Bliss Cafe (El Médano), Monkey Sweet Corner (Las Americas) and Torviscas Beach Club (Costa Adeje). Because why not treat yourself to a day of self pampering when you are working in paradise?

Working from the beach
Working from the beach

#5 Hikes for all ages, levels and terrains

There is no shortage of breathtaking hikes and trails to explore in Tenerife. What Cactus residents love the most about Tenerife is the diverse natural landscapes. You can start a hike in a very humid forest and end up on a beautiful black sand beach.

If you’re looking for an easy hike with gorgeous views, we recommend Chinyero with an impressive lava landscape from the last eruption in Tenerife in 1909. The trail is between 3-4 hours around the volcanic cone Chinyero. Another easy hike is the Path of the Senses Forest Walk in Anaga. The name comes from the unique experience of stimulating your sense of smell, sight and touch along the trails.

One of our favourite intermediate trails is the hike to Paisaje Lunar in Vilaflor. Even before starting the trail, you are welcomed with Canarian pines and hilltop views of Tenerife south. As you approach Los Escurriales/Paisaje Lunar viewpoint, you can see the impressive moon-like rock formations formed from volcanic erosions.

For a moderate trail, you can hike to Roque del Conde’s rock formation via old farm tracks with views of the ocean as well as nearby farm houses and fields.

hiking in Anaga
Hiking in Anaga

#4 Carnival & Canarian festivals

Once a year, Tenerife hosts the 2nd biggest carnival in the world in February. In 2022, Carnival is from Jun 3 – 26, 2022. For 15 days, the capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, comes to life with festive costumes, parades and live music from different local performance groups. Tenerife carnival lasts a few weeks with indoor and outdoor celebrations based on the theme of carnival. This year the theme is Science Fiction so make sure you book your stay in advance to join other Cactus colivers for Carnival.  For more info, check out Tenerife carnival dates and events.

Another cultural island tradition is Tenerife Romeria's. It derives from Christian and pagan beliefs combining a harvest festival with a religious pilgrimage. Local villages will honor a saint to celebrate a successful harvest. There is never a shortage of foods, drinks and fun throughout the streets of Tenerife during romeria. You can expect to see traditional Canarian clothing and lots of ‘wrinkled’ potatoes, carne fiesta and gofio dishes.

romeria in valle san lorenzo
Romería in Valle San Lorenzo

#3 Natural & ancient wonders

Tenerife contains an overall area of 2050 square kilometers with volcanic rock formations dating back 7 million years! The 5 mountain ranges are Anaga, Teno, Adeje, Cumbre Dorsal, and Las Cañadas del Teide. Each mountain has different microclimates, terrains and breathtaking views of the island.

Another local hotspots are the countless Charcos around Tenerife. Charcos are natural pools (piscinas naturales) with crystal clear waters, perfect for a swim when the beaches are overcrowded with tourists. Be cautious of high tides and slippery rocks so make sure you check the tides and current before going. We also recommend bringing your water shoes and snorkel gear to experience Charcos underwater. We highly recommend exploring Cueva del Tancon, Charco de los Abrigos, Piscina natural de Puerto Santiago, Charco la Laja, Charco del Viento and Charco la Jaquita.

Natural swimming pool

#2 Teide ☀️ day and 🌌 night excursions

From most beaches in Tenerife, Mount Teide volcano is just 1-1.5 hour drive away. Teide reaches 3,715 m (12,190 ft) and is the third-highest volcano in the world as well as the highest point in Spain. In some months, you can go for a snowy hike in the morning and then hit the beach in the afternoon. Don’t worry if you are not an avid hiker, you can easily access the panoramic views from Teide by booking a cable car to the summit in advance. In Spring, you can also get a glimpse of blooming Tajinastes from May to June. This unique plant is endemic to the Canary Islands and brightens up the mountains with vibrant red colors.

The Teide experience is also not complete unless you experience stargazing in Teide National Park. The countless stars illuminate the sky behind the mountain and forest silhouettes. Cactus Coliving is just a ~30 min drive from some of the best viewpoints heading into the park. One of the benefits of coliving or coworking at Cactus is you can always find another digital nomad to explore Teide with.

Teide in January and Teide in May

#1 Growing international digital nomad community & social events

Finally #1 on our list is the emerging digital nomad community here in Tenerife. For many nomads and travellers, Tenerife is like a magnet that draws you back and never gets boring. It’s no wonder the digital nomad community has grown exponentially since 2020. You get the choice of relaxing nature, extreme sports, abundance of clubs/bars and every cuisine you can imagine.

Digital nomad visitor trends  https://nomadlist.com/trends/tenerife

Digital nomads choose to stay at Cactus Coliving because it’s generally easier to meet friends and other digital nomads when you are living close by or have shared interests. Cactus also organises special events with other coliving communities such as rooftop concerts, wine tasting, beach volleyball, BBQ and many more activities. There are also many social groups and events catered to digital nomads that hosts weekly or bi-weekly gatherings at local hotspots all around the island.

María Mayordomo
Founder of Cactus Coliving. In love with nature of the Canary Islands.

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