10 Best Things to Do in Tenerife

3rd April, 2024

What better way to plan your trip to Tenerife (and Cactus Coliving) than to hear recommendations from past co-livers and their favourite spots on the island? Many people choose the digital nomad lifestyle for the freedom it allows when it comes to being able to explore and adventure after work hours and during free time. So whether you are drawn to Tenerife for its striking nature, rewarding hikes, charming towns, or vibrant beaches, there is something for everyone! Here are some of Cactus Coliving’s best things to do in Tenerife, as informed by its residents:

  1. Mount Teide

Mount Teide is the largest volcano in Spain and often draws many people to explore Tenerife and its volcanic magic. The volcano itself is vast, and there are many ways to explore and visit this majestic area. Some opt for a sunrise hike, leaving in the middle of the night to catch the day's first rays. Others enjoy driving around the curvy roads in the late afternoon, seeing the rocky, almost Mars-like formations, and doing some shorter, more manageable hikes. Still, others prefer to take the cable car up the mountain for their views. No matter how you do it, this is one of the top recommended and must-sees on the island!

Recommended by Riccardo, Italy

Teide at sunrise

  1. Roque de Jama

Located just steps away from Cactus Coliving is one of the original three mountains of Tenerife, Roque de Jama. The first half of the hike is on slanted roads, cutting through the mountain. The second half of the hike is on the hill itself, including a bit of a rock climb for the last boost to the summit. With around a 1.5-2 hour round trip from Cactus, this has proven to be a community favourite due to its proximity and incredible 360º views. The summit is the perfect place to take in nature and meditate, though be prepared to be joined by some curious goats if you’re quiet for long enough! 

Recommended by Beth, UK

Roque de Jama

  1. Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes, or “the Giants”, are a group of rock formations on the West Coast of Tenerife. These massive cliffs offer incredible ocean views and other islands in the distance, especially during sunset. There are a variety of trails and hiking paths that range from easy to challenging, but luckily, they are scattered with little coves and beaches to cool off and enjoy the waves (although with high tide, the current can get pretty intense). 

Recommended by Lucy, USA

Los Gigantes

  1. Piscinas Naturales Los Abrigos

This spot is a Cactus favourite due to the incredible natural pools that cool you off while also offering a “natural waterpark” feel when the pools fill up. With its natural wave pools and jumping points, you are transported back to your most childlike self, filled with wonder and playfulness. Although the waves can get rough at points, some time allows for just as much relaxation as activity. It’s a great spot to host a group picnic, sprawling out over the rocks and taking frequent dips when you get heated up.

Recommended by Lotte, Netherlands

Los Abrigos

  1. Anaga Rural Park

Cactus Coliving inhabits a drier, more desert-vibe in Valle de San Lorenzo–the perfect spot for our dear cacti! But if you want to try a different microclimate, Anaga Rural Park in the North of the island is the ideal mix-up. With its vibrant foliage and greenery, Anaga is perfect for day hikes with panoramic views of the blue sea. Find yourself high on the mountains or sheltered by the shade of ancient trees; you will surely enjoy this extra boost of oxygen and nature healing!

Recommended by Matteo, Italy

Anaga Rural Park

  1. San Cristóbal de La Laguna

San Cristóbal de la Laguna (colloquially called La Laguna) is a vibrant town north of Tenerife. It was the first city established in the Canary Islands and the only UNESCO World Heritage site on the islands! Many are drawn to the islands for the striking nature, but La Laguna is where you can immerse yourself in history and an old-city feel. The charming streets have much to explore, including beautiful churches, convents, and palaces. When you want a break from hiking and the beach, this little town gem will fill you up!

Recommended by Emily, UK

San Cristobal De La Laguna

  1. Playa de Benijo

For all the surfers out there (or the surf-curious), Playa de Benijo is a great spot to catch some waves and relax. But this beach is unlike any beach–the black sand is a striking reminder of the Canary Islands’ volcanic origins. There are also plenty of ancient rock formations that feel fantastical and add to the dreaminess of this Northern beach. This beach lies in the heart of Anaga, so it’s a great place to stop and relax after hiking!

Recommended by Shahwan, USA

Playa de Benijo

  1. Playa de los Cristianos

This beach is a special place for colivers because of its proximity to Cactus Coliving. With or without a car, you can easily make it to the beach in less than a half hour via the local bus, so when you need to clear your head or take a quick dip, Los Cristianos is always there for you. Although it is a more touristy beach than others on the island, its spaciousness allows for plenty of beach volleyball court set-ups where you can watch or play. This beach is the Cactus go-to for Wednesday night volleyball, usually topped off by a local Italian dinner nearby (usually La Piazzeta–Italian colivers-approved!). 

Recommended by Matthew, USA

Playa de los Cristianos

  1. Teno Rural Park

This park is located on the northwest part of the island and offers various experiences, depending on how high up you go. Offering beautiful coastal walks close to sea level and ranging all the wa up to high peaks, this park provides diverse views and vegetation to explore. There is even a lighthouse for prime photos!

Recommended by Ramón, Spain

Teno Rural Park

  1. Masca

Masca is a small but mighty town with incredible views of the stars. It is a beautiful and quaint village with rural architecture and even a history of being a refuge for pirates who landed on the island! It is visually striking with its variety of nature and interesting historical considerations, like churches, that help keep the local feel in Tenerife. Barranco de Masca is one of the most popular hikes, starting in the village and ending at Masca beach, where one can take a boat to the Los Gigante port. It takes a fair bit of curvy roads to make it to Masca, but many consider this to be one of the dreamiest towns in Tenerife!

Recommended by Maxime, France


Hopefully, if you have made it through this list, you will feel excited and energised to see what this fantastic island offers. These are just a sprinkling of Tenerife’s gems, and trust that there is much more to discover once you arrive and explore on your own! With temperate weather year-round, there’s always something to do and fellow adventurous co-livers to explore with. Whether you want to relax on a beach or in a park or challenge yourself on a high peak, you will find the vibe you are looking for!

María Mayordomo
Founder of Cactus Coliving. In love with nature of the Canary Islands.

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